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The usage of electrical light in medical field starts in endoscopy with Mr. Philipp Bozzini (1773-1809) who made his first comprehensive report on the “Lichtleiter” in 1806. Against all criticism, Bozzini started an international discussion, based on his awkward “Lichtleiter”, which brought his idea to an extensive medical public. Historians agree that this instrument using artificial light, various mirrors and specula was the beginning of a large family of endoscopes.
For diagnostic and treatment in MIS (minimal invasive surgery) it is essential to have perfect illumination. Especially for complicated surgeries light is necessary to guaranty highest performance / reliability.
Characteristics of an excellent light-source are a high color rending, high luminance and as much as possible low UV (ultra violet) and IR (infra red) radiation. Endoscopy needs therefore bulbs which guarantee optimal (natural) light at its best quality. Only if these requirements are given - the cavity or organic structure can be illuminated perfectly.
The evolution of light-sources in modern medical diagnostic and treatment for MIS starts from Halogen to Xenon up to LED and Hybrid LED (Laser / LED) technology. All kind of light-sources has its right to exist and its advantages.
MGB supplies you a solution for all applications in endoscopic MIS. Please make your choice and enjoy the benefits from classic light-sources up to the most advanced technology in medical fields.