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Insufflation is the act of introducing a flow of CO2 gas into a body cavity, such as the abdominal. For the purpose of assisting endoscopic intra-abdominal surgery, insufflators provide a constant abdominal pressure to elevate the abdominal wall creating space for MIS. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) maintains its role as the main insufflations gas.
The ML-GX has a maximum flow rate of 45L/min with an abdominal preset pressure range between 3 mmHg to 30 mmHg and is compatible to Central CO2 – supply or different kinds of gas bottles. Such a high flow rate reduces operation time, increases surgical safety and recovers gas leakage during manual instrument exchanges; suction performance and ESU smoke evacuation. Autoclavable re-usable heating tubes and an anti-fog function assist the pre-heating feature to heat up the gas up to body temperature. The individual user setting option allows quick and easy access to the adjustments which suits the user’s requirements (selectable via LCD touch screen or jog dial control).
The Automatic Self Test Function (ASTF) conducts regular tests on all critical components to ensure operation safety before use.
ML-GX is a solution based on the state of the art insufflator’s technology. Beside on the ML-GX with its 45l flow rate / Min. MGB offers you also its best seller ML-G with a CO2 flow rate up to 40l / Min. as an additional reliable alternative.