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For modern medical diagnostics and treatment – endoscopy is not substitutable anymore. The applications of endoscopy – with a history of more than 100 years – develop its method and technique continuously.
This evolution in endoscopy influences especially the development of minimal-invasive surgery (MIS) and its equipment which became more and more important in the past decades.
The difference between MIS and open surgery is the way of access; use of especially developed equipment and techniques.
Development and progress in electronic components allows realization of optimized solutions for visualization and imaging (“Real Full HD”).
Today existing technology is able to support endoscopy with high resolution images due to the technical progress in semi-conductor technology.
Most important developments in visualization / imaging for endoscopy are use of 3 chip camera technology, natural color reproduction, “Real Full HD” resolution (1920x1080 i/p), optical / digital zoom function and establishment of CMOS sensors.
These developments contribute the continuous improvement of technology, diagnostic and treatment methods in endoscopy.
MGB supplies you with a complete solution for visualization and imaging starting from single chip to three chip technologies in “Real Full HD” quality and features like image storage, video recording and much more. Additionally necessary accessories like HD scopes and HD video lenses are completing the complete visualization / imaging chain.