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Video lenses

Modern video lenses are available in fixed focal length (FFL) and zoom lenses. Fixed focal length lenses has a larger maximum aperture - the opening through which light travels - which supports images in lower light and with a shallow depth of field. The images produced with a FFL lens are vibrant and sharp. Due to fewer glass elements present in the FFL lens weight is reduced and image colors are more accurate.
Zoom lenses on the other hand consist of an assembly of diverse lens components allow for a range of focal lengths. A single zoom lens is capable of achieving multiple focal lengths and provides additional flexibility especially in usage with rigid endoscope in different diameters. An image can be captured from a range of focal lengths without the physical moving of the camera. Furthermore, investing in a single zoom lens that allows for a range of focal lengths can be proven to be more cost effective compared to investing in multiple prime lenses for the same focal length range.
In the medical field, FFL and zoom video lens both provide brilliant optics, strong contrast, high resolution and high translucence. Images range from circle size to full size. The small and lightweight ergonomic design of both types of lenses optimizes the overall human-system performance and offers a quick scope connection. Additionally these waterproof video lenses are feasible to the Autoclave, Plasma, and Soaking sterilization methods. MGB is proud to be able offering you one of the largest product ranges for video lenses in endoscopic field.

Rigid Endoscopes

Beside the visual components as endoscopic camera system and video lenses (FFL or zoom video lens) a telescope (or endoscope) completes the chain of visualization for MIS. Endoscopes are used to examine visually and diagnose, or to assist in surgery to illuminate an object and transferring the formed image to a monitor.
Telescopes are available for different endoscopic applications in different diameters and working lengths. Those specialized instruments are named and developed after their target disciplines and requested specifications.
An MGB telescope offers you low distortion, excellent resolution, maximum brightness and focal depth, including best optical fibers for highest illumination. All standard methods for cleaning and sterilization are covered and do not influence the performance of the telescopes.