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MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin is one of the first German manufacturers in the history of minimal invasive surgery (MIS).

MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin is one of the first German manufacturers in the history of minimal invasive surgery (MIS).
Base for its founding was the establishment of the Georg Wolf GmbH in 1906. With an experience of over 100 years in development and manufacturing of instruments and equipment’s for rigid endoscopy, MGB supplies an innovative and wide range of products for several disciplines in human medicine.

Beside the core competences in rigid endoscopes and video lenses MGB offers innovative and unique solutions for capital equipment’s like imaging and light technology, CO2 insufflators, combination units and high frequency generators suitable in all MIS applications.

Focusing on innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, MGB cooperates with international leading clinics and research facilities always looking for new approaches by realizing value-added high quality solutions.
Our company is certified to the European quality standard EN ISO 13485 and supplies products „Made in Germany“.

2015 Launching of single chip “Real Full HD” camera solution “ARISTO-V1”
2013 Launching 3 chip “Real Full HD” camera solution “ML-VHD ARISTO-V3 as one of the first manufacturer of the world.
Launching the newest light source technology in cooperation with Osram “ML-L ARISTO-L3” with Phaser technology (hybrid of Laser/LED)
Launching of our new HD Zoom video lens with parfocality f=16-32mm
2004 Bionet Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Rep. of Korea) became shareholder and MGB was appointed as its European/African representative. Bionet Co., Ltd. is a leading company for biosignal products such as Cardiographs, Fetal- and Patient-monitors.
1998 Establishment of MGB Endoscopy Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Rep. of Korea)
1997 Establishment of MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin; an enterprise of the Medison Co., Ltd., group (Seoul, Rep. of Korea)
World first Shadow scope (international patent)
1992 Cooperation with Carl Zeiss: development of a new generation of endoscopes
1990 Privatization into MGB Medizinische Geräte GmbH Berlin
1970 Launching of “magnet ball trocar” (international patent)
1961 Reorganization into VEB MGB: market leader in Eastern Europe for endoscopy
1957 Renaming in VEB Secura: industrial manufacture of respiration bronchoscope by Prof. H. Friedel
1948 Georg Wolf GmbH became state-owned by the former GDR
1906 Establishment of Gerog Wolf GmbH Berlin and its patents:
Instrument for insight into body cavities (1923)
Bending gastroscope (1930)
First photocystoscope with blue light illumination (1937)
1886 Professor Max Nitze develops the first “modern” cystoscope (international patent) in Berlin.